Gareth Southgate's It's Coming Home Waistcoat

The iconic waistcoat worn by Gareth Southgate got a brilliant upgrade.. could the 'It's Coming Home' waistcoat become a reality?

"It's Coming Home" added to Gareth Southgate's Waistcoat

England World Cup fans have been delighted by pictures circulating on social media of Gareth Southgate wearing his waistcoat with "It’s Coming Home" embroidered onto it in tiny letters, forming very stylish pinstripes. These photos were purpotedly taken at the last England match on Saturday, where the England team won a very comfortable 2-0 victory over Sweden giving them their first place in the World Cup semi-final for 28 years.

Gareth Southgate wearing Its Coming Home waistcoat

Southgate's sartorial choices have been the subject of much media coverage during the World Cup, as he has never been seen at an England match without his lucky waistcoat.

Did Gareth Southgate really wear an 'It's Coming Home' waistcoat?

The England manager's waistcoat has been the talk of the tournament, and although we're sure that Gareth Southgate loves the England World Cup team's unofficial anthem, he did not actually have the song’s words printed across his waistcoat.

Instead, his England world cup waistcoat got the meme treatment as 'It's Coming Home' was photoshopped onto a picture of it, in tiny letters. Images of Southgate's lucky and now famous waistcoast were circulated on social media under #luckywaistcoat with the caption 'look closely' with faint lines down it. When the photo was zoomed in, it became clear that the lines were actually text reading 'It's Coming Home' - a reference to the famous Three Lions song.

Here's a photo of Gareth Southgate along with a close-up of his famous waistcoat, in which you definitely can't see any words saying 'It's Coming Home'!

Gareth Southgate wearing his navy blue waistcoat

Three Lions (Football's Coming Home)

It's Coming Home" references the Baddiel, Skinner & Lightning Seeds song "Three Lions" which as everyone knows is the (slightly unofficial) anthem of England’s football team. Is football coming home? After England's World Cup win against Sweden last weekend it's looking increasingly likely!

So who made the It's Coming Home waistcoat meme?

This tweet from Huawei Mobile gives you a clue:

And this comeback by Marks and Spencer was very exciting:

National Waistcoat Day and the Gareth Southgate effect

Southgate’s sartorial choices have drawn a lot of media attention during the World Cup, as he has worn his lucky waistcoat for every match so far. The Guardian reported that Marks & Spencer, the official clothing supplier to the England team, saw a 35% increase in waistcoat sales thanks to the “Gareth Southgate effect.” The retailer has now announced a national "Waistcoat Day" in an attempt to bring the team luck during the quarter finals:

M&S (Official Tailor to the England team) has been proud to see Gareth Southgate sporting his M&S waistcoat on the sidelines for all four of England’s games. And in a term many have coined the ‘Southgate Effect’, waistcoats have been flying off the shelves of M&S stores and into the online baskets on M& Sales of all M&S waistcoats have gone up by 35%. With 57 waistcoats available at M&S, starting from £19.50, there’s a waistcoat for everyone to show their support this Saturday.

David Binns, Head of Menswear Buying at M&S said, "England have reached the quarter finals, and frankly, we could not be more excited. With some saying THE waistcoat has been bringing the team extra luck we thought how better to mark the big game than launching National Waistcoat Day. Best of luck to the team – we hope they bring it home!"

So will Southgate's lucky waistcoat be a real thing?

It's looking like the 'It's Coming Home' waistcoat might well become a real thing after hilarious teaser videos started circulating from the official World Cup retailer.

Marks and Spencer tweeted a short clip of a waistcoat on a sewing machine where the word 'home' can be seen being stitched into the garment.

Would you wear a lucky 'It's Coming Home' waistcoat?

This hilarious yet stylish waistcoat would be a perfect addition to a smart outfit for a fancy dress party, to watch an England match (forevermore, if England win the World Cup), or just to show the England team your support!

Is football coming home?!

England reached their first World Cup semi-final for 28 years last Saturday, with headers by Harry Maguire and Dele Alli giving them a richly deserved 2-0 victory over Sweden. Centre-back Maguire connected with an Ashley Young corner to score his first international goal just 30 minutes in, followed by a header from Dele in the 59th minute. The Three Lions are now just two games away from World Cup glory and are now set to play Croatia on Wednesday, July 11, at 7pm.

Will football be coming home? Will Gareth Southgate be leading England out at the World Cup wearing an It's Coming Home waistcoat? Will millions of fans be watching at home, wearing waistcoats as they cheer England on to a comfortable victory? It's the stuff that dreams are made of!

So we say - wear your waistcoat with pride and support England.. football's coming home!